Sculptura 1.0, Intuitive Sculpting Software, Released for iPad and Mac


San Francisco, California — May 15, 2018 — Halfspace LLC is pleased to announce the release of Sculptura 1.0 for iOS and macOS.

Sculptura is a high-resolution voxel sculpting application, providing the premier digital sculpting experience on iOS and macOS.

The Sculptura UI is intuitive and powerful, with sculpting tools developed in collaboration with professional artists.

“Sculptura is much closer to clay than typical mesh-based software,” said Sculptura developer Taylor Holliday. “It’s easy to add and subtract material. To smooth. To deform extensively.”

“Sculptura is intuitive for those getting started with digital sculpting, yet powerful for professionals,” adds Holliday.

“We took a step back, and thought about how a modern sculpting app should work. That means mobile. That means an emphasis on the artist. An emphasis on design,” said Sculptura developer Serban Porumbescu. “Let the machine do what it’s good at and get out of the artist’s way. Algorithms and hardware have come a long way, and we can now free the artist from technical details such as triangles and topology.”

A model created in Sculptura, starting with a sphere.

Sculptura for iOS includes support for Apple Pencil on iPad, utilizing the higher-fidelity pencil position. Pressure can be assigned to tool parameters.

Sculptura for iOS can be used in conjunction with Sculptura for Mac, for a round-trip workflow between platforms. Begin a sculpture on the bus ride home, and then continue working on it on your laptop later that night — with iCloud, moving between platforms couldn’t be easier.

Sculptura for iPad is available on the App Store.

Sculptura for Mac is available on the Mac App Store.

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